Our little lady officially becomes a toddler at the end of the week! Today she graduated from the “Action for Infants” circle time program at the Ontario Early Years Centre (for birth-1 year old babies). The ceremony involved all the parents singing a graduation song to the April birthday babies. We have been attending this 2 hour singing and socialization time almost every Thursday afternoon since she was 4 months of age. I have met so many new Mommy friends at the centre; the community I was hoping for! It has been amazing watching Eva grow-up with her new friends (one of whom took her first steps right in front of us at the centre)! Although I’m saddened to leave this program, I know it is time. (I stress about Eva walking around with all the other younger non-moving babies lying around!) We will now have to take advantage of the free play time slots offered at the centre for older children. Happy graduation little lady – your first of many to come!


We are celebrating Eva’s birthday at home by throwing a party! My husband keeps saying that this party is really for me (since I did all the work in the delivery room), which is awesome because he has allowed me to take over planning the whole party! I’m very excited! All the details that I have personally created will be shared here next week! For now, I leave you with this photo that aludes to the party’s theme…

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