When Eva was 1.5 months we visited my sister-in-law and her family in the United States. This was Eva’s first road trip. During our stay we acquired clothing and toys that belonged to my niece and nephew, who are nearing the end of elementary school. Among the toys was a soft clown rattle that we immediately gave to Eva because it was perfect for her to hold in her tiny hand. Every time we showed her the clown her face lit up; it didn’t take long for Eva to become attached leading to this becoming the one item that we permitted in her crib at night. As the weeks went on, my husband and I began referring to the clown as “Pierre” because of his French-sailor look-a-like clothing. “Pierre” came with us each time we spent an overnight away from home.


Then things changed. Just before her first birthday, Eva announced one evening, as I put her in her crib with Pierre, that he didn’t want him. “No!” I accepted her request and decided to wait another few nights to see if this request became a pattern. It did, and so Pierre “retired” to a small bin of toys in Eva’s room, eventually getting lost because he sank to the bottom.

This week Eva went through her toy bin pulling out all the items one by one. Then she gazed upon Pierre. It has been a year since she last hugged him, but she seemed to remember him as being special. Her face once again lit up and she insisted on dancing around the room with him for a good 15 minutes before we were able to carry on with her bedtime routine. Oh, sweet memories!


Does your child have a favourite toy or comfort object?

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