Pumpkin Carving with a Toddler?

Recently, I have had Halloween decor conversations with coworkers and friends who have youngsters at home. Most agreed that decorating your home with cotton baton webs and plastic spiders is an easy and enjoyable for toddlers, but carving pumpkins is a different story. Although carving a pumpkin can be nostalgic for the parent, for most of us are super busy, so if your children are too young to actually participate the in design and carving of the pumpkin, you question whether to do the activity at all.

This year Eva selected two small pumpkins from a family owned farm outside of Toronto (Herrles Country Farm Market). She loved the experience, but once I bought them home,  I wasn’t sure if they’d actually get around to carving them. One evening, I remembered a friend who painted her pumpkins last Halloween with acrylic paint. Blamo! That’s what I’d do this year! I went through my craft supply bin and found light pink (Eva’s favourite), and white paint – although not part of the traditional colour scheme for the holiday, I knew she’d be interested in the activity. Preparing to paint took less than 10 minutes. You only need a few paint brushes, a thin sponge (to cut shapes out of), a paint tray, and newspaper to cover the table surface. The paint dried within 20 minutes, and now the pumpkins happily sit on our door stoop. They aren’t the most creative or beautiful looking pumpkins, but the project was perfect for a toddler and her busy mom. (Did I mention it is now report card season for teachers?)IMG_1120

Have you ever tried this? Have you ever painted a pattern onto a pumpkin?

One more sleep until Halloween! Happy trick-or-treating!IMG_1121

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