About Me

I am a Mommy to a one sweet girl and am here to share my journey with you! I am proud to call Canada home, but love to travel! Beginning when my daughter was an infant, I have been blessed with the opportunities to go abroad, and learn about Motherhood from a different point of view. Although this blog started off having a travel focus, more and more entries are about general Mommy topics and new discoveries I make that I’m excited about! I am most happy when I am out exploring, whether that is in my own neighbourhood in Toronto or in a destination where I don’t speak the language. Thank you for stopping by!


4 Responses to About Me

  1. Victoria says:

    Hi Beth,
    I found your blog through momstown and I just want to say I love it. It’s very cute and informative at the same time. Your daughter is very cute too 🙂 I’ll be leaving comments when I get a chance to peruse through it.

  2. diane says:

    hi! just wondering if you still do mommy craft time at monkey magoo’s? i’d love to attend a session!

    • Hi Diane!
      Thanks for contacting me! I gave Mommy Craft Time a trial run at Monkey Magoo’s this spring but that session has now ended. Unfortunately, there isn’t a plan to run it again as of now. I do have my own crafting business called All Things Tiny. If you are looking for children’s accessories, please check out my website.
      Take care,

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